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i-Energy Management System

BuildINT has a IOT based energy management system that provides real time information for corporates building energy consumption. With BuildINT you can understand where energy is being consumed. which helps building manager to optimize the energy report, monitor data and analyse the data to reduce energy wastage and increase company revenue

i-Automated Teller Machine

BuildINT has  a IOT based ATM energy management system specially build for ATM. With iATM you can minimize the energy consumption. iATM can save almost upto 30% energy consumption in a month

Turnkey Project

With Turn-Key Projects, we undertake Energy Performance Contracting for huge spaces like hospitals, malls, chillers, so on. The EPC will be done by BuildINT with a guaranteed model. We offer Energy Auditing for the designated premises as well


Robust Energy management IOT smart solution.
Access to smart automated building for predictive Maintenance planning.
Expertise in significant saving of utility bill up to 15-30%.
Comprehensive SaaP solution to control waste management for cost optimization
EMS dashboard to give multidimensional customized energy audit views.
Real-time energy consumption monitoring with Alerts and Notifications to control.
Carbon footprint & Go Green energy profile to set up KPI for building performance
Energy Auditing for identifying and analysis of energy flows in premises



Optimise Energy Spend


Improvised technology for forceful impact


Make ideas tangible


Intelligence source of energy saving


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What is IoT?

An IoT system consists of web-enabled smart devices that use embedded systems, such as processors, sensors and communication hardware, to collect, send and act on data that they acquire from their environments.

How are you saving energy? How does it work?

We save energy by analyzing and reducing waste of energy with the help of automation using IoT.

Why should you choose BuildINT for iEMS?

You should choose us because we provide you with a benchmark value of at least 20% saving on your present energy consumption after conducting a site survey

What are your products and their working?

The Build-in-Box or BiB is a quite literally a box with inbuilt gateway and a Smart meter connected to current transformers that allows us to control the electrical equipment/appliances like ACs, DVR, signage, etc., and schedule them according to our client’s requirements. The data from a BiB is then processed and analyzed to generate an Energy savings status report which can be viewed on a web dashboard.

How is IoT applied in iEMS?

Using IoT we optimise and automate the entire energy network the device is connected to. We continuously monitor the data transmitted to secure servers via the IoT device to ensure smooth efficient functioning of the appliances in the designated system.

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