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We are dedicated and passionate about optimising building energy consumption, through combination of Hardware & IoT software control systems. The system has been designed to optimise energy utilization of the electrical equipments, which increases their reliability and predicts electrical system performance of energy usage, eventually reducing cost, by reworking power consumption.   BuildINT, as the name suggest is Intelligent Energy Management Systems for buildings/Premises especially for Corporate. We work on simple principle of Service- as-a-pay platform (SaaP). We pioneer in energy analytics and simplify energy management system. Our expertise helps corporate discover energy performance/efficiencies in the premises and provides cost reduction opportunities. Whether your concern is energy saving, energy efficiency projects or energy certification – BuildINT through its SaaP base integrated solutions makes it possible

Our aim is to provide automated, intelligent and immaculate engineering services. We do this by combining advanced technology, with the highest quality standards, so as to achieve overall customer service accomplishment that helps organization save energy