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BuildINT as the name suggests Building Intelligent, I Energy Management Systems . It is an IoT based energy management system that provides real time information concerning the Corporation’s energy consumption for their building premises. With our IoT Solution, you can understand how and where energy has been utilised to facilitate the premises manager in optimising energy consumption, monitoring and analysis of data, and generating reports, beneficial for reducing energy wastage, increasing company revenue, and leaving a greener carbon footprint go green.

At BuildINT, we are a team of individuals dedicated to and passionate about improving building energy consumption. Through a tailored and specifically designed combination of IoT networks, our systems optimize the energy utilized by monitoring and icontrolling . This increases their reliability plus predicts the electrical KWH consumption performance of energy usage from the data it collects and processes; apparently help us to get energy saving.
We are the avant-garde in energy analytics and simplify an energy management system for efficiency and greener footprint. With our expertise, whether your concern is energy saving, energy efficiency projects, or energy certification, through our SaaP (service as a Pay)  based model, we make the solution possible as well as plausible with cost reduction opportunities highlighted. We aim for providing automated, intelligent and immaculate engineering services to achieve an overall customer service accomplishment, which helps you and your organization save energy.

Our aim is to provide automated, intelligent and immaculate engineering services. We do this by combining advanced technology, with the highest quality standards, so as to achieve overall customer service accomplishment that helps organization save energy

Our Core Values


We are promising the first service then pay “service as a pay”, our solution well tested and agile to all types of organization.


Constantly growing and exploring new ideas.


Capability for rapid collabration and descision making

Board Of Directors

Captain Amit Rai

Director - Business Excellence & Product Strategy

Sanjay Divekar

Director - Group Companies Planner

Mangesh Pardeshi

Director - Finance & Project Budgeting

Our Leadership

Hari Shahi

CEO - Head of Projects

Nirav Shah

CTO - Information Technology & Reverse innovation

Payal Bharadwaj

CHRO - Human Resource & Happiness Engagement

Our Experts

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