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As people become more aware of environmental issues like climate change, energy crises and depletion of non-renewable resources, more people are opting for options that would be beneficial for the environment. According to the UNEP, globally, 40% of energy consumption and up to 30% of all energy-related greenhouse gas emissions are caused by commercial buildings.

The latest smart building solutions use new technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, big data, data analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence for the benefits of saving energy, reducing operational expenditures and..

Knowing how your business uses energy and how it can improve its energy usage brings many benefits for your building.

Organisation with energy management software generally achieve greater savings than those without EMS, because they track, review and manage energy use across the whole organisation, on an ongoing basis.

Heating, cooling, lights, and fire-safety. Those are just a few of..

Energy management software helps you analyse real time energy data and reduce cost.

Energy management data allows you to manage your organization’s energy consumption, based on information and use patterns. By collecting usage details and comparision you can make data-driven decisions based on historic information.

Data normalization leads to accurate record keeping of the information. It shows a detailed look into how your organization uses energy, and show a..

Energy management is a key pillar of projects these days. Not only does it serve the environment we all live in, but it can also have a significant, positive effect on the cost of ownership once the projects are completed.

The benefits of installing energy management systems are unavoidable, however, they are most effective when they are the right fit for the given facility.

Energy management is the development, application, and enhancement of energy use practices to reduce resources, climate impact, and operational costs of..

Smart Energy Monitoring Solution offers an all-inclusive software service that enables organizations to attain substantial enhancements on energy efficacy usage while reducing conservation effects, dipping consumptions and functioning expenses.

Including IoT sensors gathering data in real-time, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, the solution can recognize enormous energy-saving prospects. It even reduces energy consumption to a great extent.

The world’s buildings are significant consumers of energy. Residential buildings alone …