Energy Management System with IOT solution

Smart Energy Monitoring Solution offers an all-inclusive software service that enables organizations to attain substantial enhancements on energy efficacy usage while reducing conservation effects, dipping consumptions and functioning expenses.

Including IoT sensors gathering data in real-time, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, the solution can recognize enormous energy-saving prospects. It even reduces energy consumption to a great extent.

The world’s buildings are significant consumers of energy. Residential buildings alone account for 40% of energy use. Commercial buildings, including offices, retail stores, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and hotels, among others, use approximately 30% of energy resources on average.

With the growing number of energy regulations and certifications, the demand to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as well as the business need to combat rising energy costs energy efficiency has become an important aspect of building management.

And advances in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will further fuel and change the industry through smart building energy management systems.

IoT Sensors Provide Better Data for More Effective Energy Efficiency Strategies

Smart building energy management systems built on IoT technology have become the heartbeat of smart buildings. They go beyond more traditional building management systems that monitor and control a building’s power-source systems – think lighting, HVAC, air ventilation, elevators, room equipment and more. Instead, these systems use IoT sensors to collect, analyse and translate energy data into information that can be sliced and diced to make educated, actionable decisions that will improve energy efficiency.

Dynamic data on energy consumption can be combined with other connected sensors and devices that collect data on local weather, street traffic and more, helping building managers automatically adjust building temperature, ventilation and lighting. HVAC and other systems can be optimized for energy savings without sacrificing comfort for those working or living within the building. Such steps can return a 25% reduction in operating costs.

Building energy management systems built with IoT technology are the next stage of energy efficiency for commercial facilities. They can help you reduce energy use and cut utility bills, providing higher ROI faster than traditional systems.

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