Our Process

Process BuildINT follow to implement IoT solution

Meeting with the client followed by site survey and equipment assessment

  • Meeting with the client & discussing briefly about the project
  • Creating a legal documents
  • Assess the internal consumption or consult a specialist for the realization of an energy check
  • Find our what the customer wants
  • Visually inspect the facility
  • Metering and Monitoring details

Analysis of the survey done to identify areas where maximum energy saving is possible

  • Analysis of Energy Bills
  • Electrical Distribution system
  • Power Consumption, Quality and Harmonic Analysis
  • Ductable Split Units
  • Window, Split , VRV Air Conditioning Units

BoM generated accordingly before material delivery

  • After the site visit BOM will be generated
  • A BOM helps organizations plan purchases of materials
  • Since it is a structured list identifying all materials and components required to construct a product, an accurate, complete BOM helps identify the cause of a product failure if any and help us work quickly to replace the faulty parts, materials and components.

Hardware and Software configuration done

  • Energy meter installation if not existing.
  • Looping of energy meter.
  • Configuration of energy meter.
  • Installation of IOT gateways.
  • Install occupancy sensors in common areas and passage.

Reports Generated as per client requirement and Final Handover Done

  • Report generations as per client requirement.
  • Report configuration over Email.
  • Report analysis.
  • Equipment analysis.
  • Software analysis.