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EMS Meter 

Expert in significant utility bill saving (up to 30%)

The smart digital energy meter displays the accurate consumption rates. It helps the user to manage usage and restrict waste usage through small changes such as benchmarking of building appliances, thereby leading to considerable savings. The smart digital meter generates smart and personalized reports that give valuable insights to the user. The report statistics are generated on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis with a detailed breakdown of particular deep usage. Smart digital energy meters provide real-time readings and help eliminate the possibility of human error.


Smart IoT

The IOT device analyse real time energy data and reduce cost. It is equipped with Wi-Fi & ZigBee, which can interface with building automation system directly using standard communication protocols like Modbus RTU. IoT Cloud web allows you to manage data of energy consumption, based on information and use patterns. By collecting usage details and comparison we make data-driven decisions based on historic information. Data normalization leads to accurate record keeping of the information. It shows a detailed look into how your organization uses energy, and shows a clear picture of the average energy consumption within the premises you manage. Ultimately, accurate energy data helps to control electricity usage.

 Web Software 

EMS software provides comprehensive information for organization’s building energy consumption. It provides with a multi-dimensional view for analyzing the variations of your energy bills with user-specified categories. The system is highly configurable which enables flexibility and scalability for visualizing your building energy consumption. With software, you can understand where energy is being consumed, which enables building managers to optimize the energy performance of your building equipment, such as chillers, water pumps and lighting services to set KPI performance to building.